Live It Up : Elevating Lives

On Aug 29 our co-director Ali Al Sayed was invited to be the guest of honor and speaker for Live It Up’s Conscious Dinner. All proceeds went directly to L.I.U.’s home for rescued children in Uganda. Since posting the announcement many people asked “what is Live It Up?” so we thought we’d post some information to help create awareness about this fantastic organization and how you can get involved. Ali had a wonderful time at the dinner and was honored to be able to support this incredible cause. 


 Live It Up’s Mission:

Live it up Foundation transforms the lives of marginalized children, specifically those who are orphaned or abandoned and helps them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.

Live It Up’s Method:

To accomplish our mission, we take the following steps:

    • Identify the needs of the children and attend to those needs through developmental, medical, psychosocial, educational and through vocational programs that are fitting within their communities.
    • Nurture the children with the love and attention that is every child’s birthright, so they may grow, learn play and, ultimately, lead productive, dignified adult lives.
  • Encourage strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, both locally and internationally, so LIU Foundation can extend its reach, use its resources effectively and ensure sustainability.

How can you get involved? 

There are a number of ways. You can attend a Conscious Dinner or Conscious Travel. You can purchase Conscious items. You can sponsor a child. Sponsor a school. You can even sponsor a chicken! Visit their website: for more details.

Here is the flier for Chicken Sponsorship – it’s only AED 100 for an entire year! We are doing it! Hope you’ll join us! 


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