EID & Halloween Party at Mawaheb

On Tuesday we headed over to Mawaheb from Beautiful People for an EID & Halloween Party. As always, we had a great time and left with our hearts warmed. We hope you enjoy some of the photos we took from the party and encourage you all to go visit the art studio! They have a number of items for purchase- artwork, coffee mugs, cards, gift bags, commissions. Perfect gifts for any occasion. 

About MAWAHEB FROM BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: The first art studio for young adults with special needs in the Middle east. The studio is a relaxed space where people with special needs can be themselves and socialise with their own peers whilst developing their creative talents.

Description: Mawaheb for Beautiful People is an art studio and Gallery for adults with special needs.Nestled in a villa in the labyrinth of Bastakiya heritage village in Bur Dubai,
Mawaheb is truly a magical place where emotion, expressiveness and creativity mingle to create vibrant,textured,colourful contemporary artwork. Bold designs, portraiture, Mosaic and photography Create a kaleidoscope of visual encounters.

super girl getting ready to decorate her super cookie!

Beautiful girls

Conga line!

Mummy Races!




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