Chance to help

We are putting together a fantastic show featuring local artists and students followed by a dance party for the wonderful children and staff at the SENSES Center for children with special needs. If you would like to join in the fun, please send us an email to We ask that each volunteer sign-up ahead of time via email as well as bring a snack/drinks to share with the kids. Please include which snacks or drinks you will be bringing when you RSVP. There are 90 kids and 20 staff so don’t be shy. Thanks!


Do you like to dance? Sing? Play music? Let us know! You can join our dance team and perform in the show.


please let us know which items you can donate by sending an email to

100 X pieces of fresh fruit: bananas, apples, oranges
100 X individually wrapped small bags of chips/crisps
100 X Juice boxes
100 X Cookies
100 X Cup-cakes
Carton of small waters
Party decorations: balloons, streamers etc.

boys colors dance3 girls

3 thoughts on “Chance to help

  1. I would really love to be part of this project. I have been into theater and clown thearapy. Would you mind please contacting me

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