Summer Show and Party at SENSES

Dearest supporters,

We had a wonderful, and memorable, CWC summer show and party at SENSES center for children with special needs last Wednesday, June 19. The room was filled with joy as the performers delighted the kids with diverse styles of dance, music and magic. The performance concluded with a set list of ‘dance-a-long’ numbers where the kids, staff and young adults jumped in and danced their hearts out. We’d like to thank Johnny, Dr. Lina, the entire Dubomedy team and all of the volunteers who took part in the show, donated snacks and helped with our technical needs. A very special thank you to Barakat for the delicious fresh juices and fruit that they so generously provided for the children and staff.

I was again reminded of how a small amount of our time, energy and passion can amount into a BIG amount of joy and happiness to those we share it with. In the words of William James, “Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.” And it did!

With gratitude,
Mina Liccione
CWC Director

Photos by Yousef Qaraman
To see the full album please click here:

cwc 5 cwc barakatcwc 6 cwc 7cwc 1 cwc 2 cwc 3

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