Shore Winds Christmas party – New York

Comedy for Christmas Cause

CWC teamed up with Knights of Columbus Council 178 to put together a show and a special gift giving Christmas party for the residents of Shore Winds Center in New York. It was a wonderful afternoon of cheer & gratitude. Loneliness was nowhere to be found in the room as spirits were raised and stress relieved.

Following the party, a woman approached our team and said “I have been in a wheel chair for 8 months and today I danced! Its a miracle… because of you I danced!” We are still emotional from the love in her eyes…. that was by far the greatest compliment and Christmas gift one could ever get.

Thank you to Alex Liccione, Tony Liccione. Mish’al Eskander and Knights of Columbus Council 178 for your time, energy, passion and LOVE! Happy Holidays to all!

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