International Day of Happiness

We decided to spend this year’s International Happiness Day by doing something that not only celebrated US being happy but by making OTHERS happy! Which in turn is what makes us happy. Now that was a tongue twister lol!

On March 20, 2014 we headed back to SENSES Center for children with special needs to see some of our favorite folks in Dubai! This time around, we teamed up with the Give-A-Gift initiative to make this party extra special.

The Give-A-Gift group get birthday presents and cakes for the SENSES kids celebrating their special day once a month. Community members make donations to sponsor these gifts and then volunteers take them shopping to pick out what they like.

Between their gift giving and our entertainment, technical equipment, snacks and dance party, it was destined to be a FANTASTIC event. And it certainly was! We are excited to announce that we will be joining forces with Give-A-Gift and SENSES to organize a performance and party every other month. The kids had such a wonderful time, as did all of the volunteers and staff. We sometimes forget how tired the staff can get, it’s important for them to have fun and release stress as well.

If you would like to take part in the next party, slotted for Thursday, May 29, let us know! You can perform in the show, dance with the kids, bring snacks to pass out etc. Send us an email to and we can give you all the details!

Many thanks to all the volunteers for sharing their time and energy as well as to our generous sponsor, Barakat, who always provide the kids, staff and volunteers with healthy fresh juices, fruit salad and smiles. Your kindness goes a long way and we truly appreciate your continued support in our mission of using performing arts as a tool to bring love, light and joy to those in need. “Small gestures with great love.”

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In honor of Professor Ken East

We were deeply saddened to learn that Professor Ken East passed away last month. He was a wonderful man who loved his students and sharing his knowledge of the arts with them. As a very small token of appreciation, we decided to dedicate this month’s “Catch A Smile” good deed to him. He gave so much of himself to others, we thought it would be nice to honor him by doing the same.

Our next “Catch a smile – random acts of kindness around the world” Day is this Wed, March 19. As always, we ask that everyone perform an act of kindness on this day in hopes of making the world a more joyous place. “Small acts, when done by millions can transform the world.”

This month’s good deed suggestion:

In honor of our friend and beloved AUS professor,Ken East, we would like this month’s theme to be showing appreciation to our teachers, mentors, coaches – past or present. Let’s take a moment to do something special for those who have inspired us, taught us, guided us, believed in us along the way. RIP Ken, we shall miss you.

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A special note from Uganda

We were deeply moved by this instagram message we received from our dear friends at the Live It Up Uganda Home for rescued children. Mashallah! These kids have so little and yet they gave school supplies to their neighbors for February’s “Catch A Smile Day – Random Acts of Kindness around the World!” Kindness knows no boundaries. What is your excuse for not joining in? 🙂 Our next Catch A Smile Day will be on Wed, March 19. To learn more simply click HERE