In honor of Professor Ken East

We were deeply saddened to learn that Professor Ken East passed away last month. He was a wonderful man who loved his students and sharing his knowledge of the arts with them. As a very small token of appreciation, we decided to dedicate this month’s “Catch A Smile” good deed to him. He gave so much of himself to others, we thought it would be nice to honor him by doing the same.

Our next “Catch a smile – random acts of kindness around the world” Day is this Wed, March 19. As always, we ask that everyone perform an act of kindness on this day in hopes of making the world a more joyous place. “Small acts, when done by millions can transform the world.”

This month’s good deed suggestion:

In honor of our friend and beloved AUS professor,Ken East, we would like this month’s theme to be showing appreciation to our teachers, mentors, coaches – past or present. Let’s take a moment to do something special for those who have inspired us, taught us, guided us, believed in us along the way. RIP Ken, we shall miss you.

For more details about our movement please click here:

ken students

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