Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
October, 2014

By Mina Liccione

A childhood friend of mine has been in great pain over the last year. Her husband has cancer and has been fighting a very tough battle. It is sadly terminal and their family are trying to build as many final memories together as they can. They started a funding page to help them go to Disneyland together as a family but unfortunately his health is too bad to travel at this time.

Each week I see my friend’s Facebook updates and my heart aches for her and her family. I see other friends posting about their own struggles with skin cancer, their mother’s battle with breast cancer or their father’s struggle with lung cancer. The list continues. Each and every article says the same thing, early detection is key.

In honor of everyone battling this terrible disease, I wanted to push my limits on showing support throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each year we (Dubomedy) produce a Funny Girls go Pink stand-up comedy show in aid of Breast Cancer Charity. This year I wanted to take our efforts a step further.

I accepted the Pinktober Challenge where I wear, eat, ride in, something PINK everyday then take a photo and post it on social media. At first I was a bit worried because I don’t usually wear pink but I slowly realized there is pink all around me. This challenge has allowed me to look at life a bit different and be more creative in helping to create awareness and show support to those suffering. Here is the link to the Pinktober album in process:

In addition, myself and some of the Funny Girls troupe members headed to the Ahlan Bounce Event on Tuesday, October 21 at Bounce Middle East. Participants literally bounced on trampolines throughout the night. We wanted to help raise funds for charity as well as bring humor, laughter and energy to the crowd to encourage and entertain them.

For personal reasons, I was a bit nervous about hosting the event. Sometimes all you need is an important cause to help you walk through your fears. I’ve been terrified of trampolines since I was 19. The last time I stood on one I ended up crushing all of the ribs on my right side, lung collapsed, internal bleeding, whip lash. I needed to take a semester off from college and feared I would lose my dance scholarship. One doctor, a rather rude one at that, told me I would never dance at the same level again and that I should give up such pipe dreams. At first his comments made me sad, then angry then motivated. After months of painful occupational and physical therapy I returned to college as a dance major with scholarship intact. A few years later I landed a gig on Broadway. I’d like to thank that doctor for not believing in me because it made me fight to believe in myself and my dream. I can only imagine the strength one must have going through chemo-therapy or having doctors tell you ‘there’s no hope.’

Lastly, our 3rd Annual Funny Girls go PINK! Stand-up Comedy Show will take place in Sharjah this year. We are happy to reach out to a younger audience to both encourage them to learn more about cancer prevention as well as to promote testing for their Moms. The performance is organized by the Dean’s Business Team and will be held on Tuesday, October 28 at 3:00 pm. Tickets cost AED 25 with AUS ID and AED 50 without. All proceeds will go to UAE registered charity;The Pink Caravan. For more information please email

I have a lot of love in my heart for all the women, and men, fighting breast cancer…. let’s help keep their spirits high and motivated during their battles and help spread awareness about early detection. 

fg bounce winners soon

fg bounce trio

fg bounce ahlan group bounce fg

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