As One: The Autism Project

As One: The Autism Project Premiere

On Saturday, October 25 the film As One: The Autism Project premiered at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival to a sold out, cheering audience. The film revolved around ten children, with autism, who came together to partake in weekly performing arts workshops culminating into a final public show. Viewers had the chance to get a look into the lives of these wonderful children and their highly supportive families.

The objective of this film was to help break the stigma surrounding autism in the Middle East, to promote awareness and break fear. We wish this film much success and hope that you all get a chance to watch it!

Click HERE to watch the trailer.

as one red film fest as one As One cast and teachers


2 thoughts on “As One: The Autism Project

  1. Dear Sir,

    How is it possible to enter in contact with your association and volunteer in it? I’d love to be part of your initiatives.

    Kindest Regards


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