The CWC Project is a volunteer initiative created by Dubomedy Arts based in dubai, uae. Our sole purpose is to bring joy, awareness & support to those in need. From visiting centers & hospitals to workshops and shows in refugee camps to providing entertainment and technical support for charity events.



The “Clowns Who Care” Project is a volunteer initiative created by Dubomedy Arts. Our sole purpose is to bring joy, love, light, awareness and support to centers for children and adults with special needs, senior centers, charity organizations and hospitals. Our team of trained volunteer artists perform, play games, sing songs, tell jokes, dance, lead workshops and interact with patients/residents from their heart. They say that laughter is the best medicine- we agree! Laughter therapy is proven to decrease stress levels, help build social skills, increase blood circulation and bring people closer! Our director, Mina Liccione, is a certified medical clown and award-winning entertainer. She has taught or performed with many major companies including New Pickle Circus, San Francisco School of Circus Arts, Cirque Du Soliel, Make*A*Circus, Velocity Circus, Circo Romani, VIVA Variety, STOMP (NYC, SF and touring casts), MTV, BBC and much more. She holds an MFA in Experimental Performance, is the head teacher at Dubomedy Arts School and Professor of dance and theater at AUS. 

We also provide professional entertainment, technical and marketing support for charity and fundraising events as well as produce special events to support humanitarian projects and charity organizations.


As we continue to grow our goal is to build solid programs under 3 core branches. We have decided to name each branch in memory of an AMAZING human beings who spread joy and love to others throughout their lives and sadly left us too soon. All three of these women were passionate about helping young artists achieve their goals despite any obstacles in their way. Paoli Lacy (The Godmother of Clown Therapy), Caroline Jones (Circus and Arts Management Extraordinaire), Dwayne Calizo (Performing Artist and Music Professor) and Peggy Ford (One of the first female clowns in the Ringling Bro & Barnum & Bailey Circus’ clown alley, Program Director at the Circus Center).

Paoli’s Branch: Centers, Hospital and Cancer Care Unit Visits
Caroline and Dwayne’s Branch: Charity Events
Peggy’s Branch: Outreach Program (Orphanages in Africa and Refugee Camps in the Middle East)


If you would like to become involved with this non-for-profit project please send your contact information to LOL@Dubomedy.com. Please join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/clownswhocare 

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