Catch A Smile : Ramadan Acts of Kindness

Catch A Smile is an on-going campaign to perform random acts of kindness or “small gestures with great love” and brighten up the days of others. Public restroom attendants often go unnoticed and have a very difficult job.This Ramadan we would like to acknowledge, and thank, these hard working men and women by creating care-packages and passing them out. Smiles are contagious…let’s make sure they catch one!

How can you volunteer?

1- SIGN-UP! In a comment, on our Event Page, please sign-up for a Mall or Shopping Center in your area and clarify whether you’ll be taking on women’s or men’s rooms in the event we overlap.

2- CREATE! Make care-packages or gift bags. (see ideas below)

3- SURPRISE! Deliver them to the Mall/Shopping Center restrooms anytime between June 17-19.

4- INFORM! Let the group know your mission was accomplished by posting a comment on the Event Page!

5- ENCOURAGE! Try and get your friends and family involved in the project. Having male/female teams is helpful as you can do a lot in one Mall visit.

Note: Please do NOT take photos of the bathroom attendees and post them.

What are some ideas on things to put in the care-package?

Dates, snacks, chocolate, perfume/oils, dried food products, spices, health and beauty products, calling cards, dental care supplies, clothing items, towel, sun glasses, accessories, small stuffed animals. Be creative between mixing practical with fun.

gift bags


For the Love of Syria

Alive Events in cooperation with UAE Red Crescent and in collaboration of ‘Breathing Numbers’ present ‘Charity Auction Dinner for the Love of Syria’ at Al Massa Ballroom, The H Hotel, Trade Center Roundabout, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai on Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 7:00pm onwards.

The recipient of this noble undertaking are the Syrian Refugees in the Syrian camps within Lebanon and Jordan borders. There are millions Syrian refugees into neighboring countries with thousands more pouring across Syrian borders. Around 50 percent of these refugees are children. Innocent Syrian families need your help!

Expect entertainment by Dubomedy’s Ali Al Sayed, Mina Liccione and Jamal Iqbal as well as DJ and live music. In addition, there will be a raffle draw and the main highlight of the event is the silent auction of paintings and art pieces from local and international renowned artists.

For ticket reservations, please call 055-9221772 or send an email to

Thank you very much in advance and your involvement will be a vast help to the success of this project