Children of the Mountain Ball

Celebrate for Children Gala Ball

This year marks the Children of the Mountain Organization’s 5th anniversary. To celebrate and help raise funds to continue expanding their efforts, they are holding the Celebrate for Children Gala Ball on Friday, Feb. 20 at the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai. Our director, Mina Liccione, is excited to be hosting this very special event for a wonderful cause.

We have participated in a few other events with COTM and have seen the incredible work that they are doing to ensure children receive an education.

Who are COTM and what do they do?

  • Company Overview
    We build schools , Train Teachers and support children. We work in the district of Tandrang in Nepal where schools are dangerous, school supplies short and children in desperate need. Our Kachhua Klubs provide safe and secure learning environment for children who would otherwise sit in the dirt in dark and dismal classrooms without light or color. Please support us and help to give these children a brighter future..
  • Please note, that the ball is exclusive to new year donors who have donated AED 500 or more in January or February 2015. For more information email:
    COTM Gala Ball 15

Children of the Mountain Gala

We are happy to announce that Ali Al Sayed and Mina Liccione will co-host the upcoming Children of the Mountian Charity Gala on May 31 at The H Hotel, Dubai. Since announcing the event, many people have asked, “What is Children of the Mountain?” We thought we would share information about this organization as well as Gala event details because once you learn the great work they are doing you will certainly want to attend their fundraiser.

Who are they?

“Children of the Mountain is a UK registered charity (registered number: 1142469), regulated by the UK’s charity commission. Our aim is to support the poorest children in rural Nepal, providing them with opportunity through education and personal development.

We actively campaign against gender and caste bias and promote education as a practical alternative to rampant child labour.

We advocate for investment in directly invest in child centred education as a critical and effective tool in the fight against extreme poverty in rural communities.”

What is their Mission?

“Children of the Mountain is committed to supporting rural communities in Nepal by providing educational infrastructure and teaching aids to ensure no child is excluded from opportunity due to lack of educational facilities.

Children of the Mountain is committed to supporting rural communities in Nepal to develop a sense of fairness, equality and social responsibility to ensure no child is excluded from opportunity due to their economic situation, gender or background.

Children of the Mountain is committed to providing teachers from kindergarten to grade twelve with continued development training in child centred learning and school management skills to ensure no child is excluded from opportunity due to insufficient educational capacity.”

What are their Core Operating Principles?

  • Carefully researched and long term sustainable projects.
  • Full financial accountability and maximisation of funds allocated to projects.
  • The involvement of the communities we support in the decision making process.

How can you learn more or get involved?

Please visit:

When is the Charity Gala Ball in Dubai and how can you get tickets?