CWC visit Mawaheb for Beautiful People


We LOVE going to visit Mawaheb for Beautiful People! Before summer break we passed by for another workshop. This time around we held a Comedy Improv & Circus Arts workshop. Loads of laughs! We are looking forward to our next workshop in September! Many thanks to Alex, Abel, Andre and Mina for volunteering their time and positive energy!

CWC visit Mawaheb


Abu Dhabi Tempo l CWC info


Thank you Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine for the support and lovely article on cwc!

About CWC

The CWC Project is a volunteer initiative created by Dubomedy Arts based in Dubai, UAE. Our sole purpose is to bring joy, awareness & support to those in need. From visiting centers & hospitals to workshops to providing entertainment and tech for charity events.

General Information
The “Clowns Who Care” Project is a volunteer initiative created by Dubomedy Arts. Our sole purpose is to bring joy, love, light, awareness and support to centers for children and adults with special needs, senior centers, charity organizations and hospitals. Our team of trained volunteer artists perform, play games, sing songs, tell jokes, dance, lead workshops and interact with patients/residents from their heart. They say that laughter is the best medicine- we agree! Laughter therapy is proven to decrease stress levels, help build social skills, increase blood circulation and bring people closer! Our director is a certified medical clown.We also provide professional entertainment, technical and marketing support for charity and fundraising events as well as produce special events to support humanitarian projects and charity organizations. If you would like to become involved with this non-for-profit project please send your contact information to