Spread some inspiration & thank those who inspired you…

Helllllo everyone!

About a month ago I was invited to “share my story” as part of Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s campaign “Spread some inspiration” in hopes of encouraging more women to to to get involved with or create volunteer initiatives. I later found out that the campaign was actually a contest and considered not doing it however I kept receiving emails and phone calls from people saying I needed to….so I figured if that many people wanted me to do it, I should.

By the grace of God Clowns Who Care Project was chosen as part of the Top 3. 1 woman from Kuwait, 1 from KSA and I am representing the UAE. I am still utterly humbled and stunned! We are now in the last stage where the public cast their votes (www.phillyarabia.com).

If we win, they will support our expansion efforts through a monetary award, marketing and much more. This is such a HUGE dream for me, my husband and the Clowns Who Care Project team. We would be able to expand into a regular program making weekly visits to centers and hospitals around the UAE as well as our outreach programs in Uganda and Palestine. We have done our best over the years to bring joy to as many people we can with compassion, talent and drive as our resources.

Below is our “dream program overview”. This has always been our projected intention for CWC however with minimal resources we haven’t been able to fulfill expansion just yet.  These things take time and support. Inshallah our ‘project’ will become the ‘program’ we strive for this year.


As we continue to grow our dream is to build solid programs under 3 core branches. We have decided to name each branch in memory of an AMAZING woman who spread joy and love to others throughout their lives and sadly left us too soon. All three of these women were passionate about helping young artists achieve their goals despite any obstacles in their way. Paoli Lacy (The Godmother of Clown Therapy), Caroline Jones (Circus and Arts Management Extraordinaire) and Peggy Ford (One of the first female clowns in the Ringling Bro & Barnum & Bailey Circus’ clown alley, Program Director at the Circus Center). 

Paoli’s Branch: Centers, Hospital and Cancer Care Unit Visits

Caroline’s Branch: Charity and Fundraising Events

Peggy’s Branch: Outreach Program (Uganda, Palestine, all over the UAE)

Though my name is in the Top 3 this is REALLY a team and community effort! You have all helped with Clowns Who Care and are a HUGE part of it ! MABROOK! CONGRATS! BRAVO! And will all this said, whether we win or not, our intention for expansion stays the same. We will get there because our hearts are our guides.

Thank you Peggy, Paoli and Caroline for inspiring me to be a better woman and for believing in me even when I didn’t. May your beautiful souls rest in peace, I’d like to think that all three of you are looking down smiling. I will never forget you guys.

With love and compassion,

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO VOTE: http://www.phillyarabia.com/story_details.php?story_id=346

philly arabia

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